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    Marbles made of glass.
  •  Historical folk toy , popular since the days of colonial America.  Also known as 'tumbling blocks,' the Jacob's Ladder was also known as a 'Sunday toy,' as it was one of only a few toys that  children were permitted to play with on Sundays
  •  Centuries-old folk instrument. Played by holding to the mouth and striking the 'tongue.'  Complete playing instructions and history included. Always a favorite.
  •  Also known as a 'tin whistle', this instrument was common in early American households.  Pitched in the key of D and includes a complete playing instructions and fingering chart.  Available in black or red.
  • This easy-to-play musical instrument has been around for  decades. Made of abs plastic, with 5 finger holes. Range is one octave plus one note.  Colors will vary. Includes basic playing instructions and sample songs.
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    Wooden replica musket style gun.
  • The paddleball was a  direct descendant of the colonial Hornbook, Battledore & Shuttlecock game.  Our newest model of an old favorite featuring a sturdy wooden paddle and strong elastic cord attached to a colorful rubber ball.
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    We have cast 10 jacks in lead-free pewter and packaged them with 1 wooden ball and 1 rubber ball in a cloth pouch. It comes with a hang tag that provides a history of the game and rules for play. The pouch comes in a variety of colors.
  • Our Wooden Pick-Up Sticks are a cut above! These exclusive sticks are made with smooth-tapered, round tips. The Wooden Pick-Up Sticks package includes: 20 wood pickup sticks, a cloth drawstring bag, game rules, scoring system, and a concise history
  • Wooden replica pistol sized gun.

     Table-top version of the classic American folk game, similar in play to horseshoes.   Toss the small and large wooden rings and try to 'ring the hob.' This historical skill game features a 4" 'hob'  and includes traditional game rules.
  •  Early American children were known to  play with signal whistles, often imitating the battle action of war or reenacting life on a sailing ship.  This high-pitched, shrill whistle is packaged with a detailed whistle signal card; good for hours of creative play
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