Walking Trails


Several walking trails can be found throughout the 213 acre property at Bushy Run. All offer a peaceful, scenic experience to all who enjoy nature and the being in the outdoors.

Named trails, located near the Visitor Center and Museum, include the Iroquois Trail, Flour Sack Trail, and our popular Edge Hill Trail. Roughly a mile long, the Edge Hill Trail provides visitors a complete experience and view of the park. Several waypath signs are also placed along the trail to educate visitors on the history of the battlefield and events leading up to the Battle of Bushy Run.

Additional, unnamed trails on the property can be accessed from the parking lot on the South side of the park and are perfect for hikers, joggers, and nature enthusiasts alike.

We are currently looking for someone to help us develop a new, updated trail map. If you are interested in this project, please contact the Museum Facilitator at facilitator@bushyrunbattlefield.com or at 724-527-5584 ext. 101. This could serve as a great Eagle project or general community service opportunity!