Museum History



The Department of Forest and Waters constructed a museum in 1950 to house a collection of local Americana and memorabilia; this structure currently exists as the stone portion of the present visitor’s center. In 1963, the battlefield was designated as a National Historical Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior. That same year, Governor William Scranton signed Act 747, which abolished the Bushy Run Battlefield Commission and transferred jurisdiction of the site from the Department of Forest and Waters to the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) who placed a new emphasis on interpreting the Battle of Bushy Run and its historical significance to the public.

Today, our self-guided museum offers a variety of interpretive exhibits and displays. Featured in the museum are several historical reproductions depicting colonial and Native American culture, life-like mannequins, and additional artifacts and works of art that aim to paint a complete picture of 18th century living, Pontiac’s War, and the Battle of Bushy Run.

Also included in the museum is a theater showing a brief film titled, The Road to Bushy Run. The theater features an array of physical effects coinciding with the movie that transport you back to 18th century North America and make you feel as if you were marching through the woods and witnessing the Battle of Bushy Run firsthand!