Pennsylvania’s only recognized Native American Battlefield

Colonel Henry Bouquet and a force of approximately 400 British soldiers left Carlisle in July to relieve the besieged Fort Pitt and end a series of unchecked attacks against frontier outposts. The opening of western Pennsylvania to settlement was the result of a decisive victory over the Native Americans at the Battle of Bushy Run, August 5th and 6th, 1763. Highlights of the site include the interpretive exhibit, “The March to Bushy Run” at the site’s visitor center, as well as guided and self-guided tours, special events, and educational programs.

The Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society, Inc (BRBHS) was formed in 1980. It is a non-profit, volunteer organization committed to preserving and restoring Bushy Run Battlefield as a historical, educational, and recreational resource for the community.

BRBHS endeavors to generate support for Bushy Run Battlefield and assists in the development of historical and educational programs in accordance with the agreement between the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) and BRBHS. This support is through acceptance of gifts, donations of time, money and/or materials, fundraising events, and operation and maintenance of a museum store. Learn more about BRBHS.


Bushy Run Battlefield preserves and interprets for citizens and visitors the site of this pivotal battle fought between British and Native Americans during the conflict known as Pontiac’s War (1763-64) and the role of this British victory in maintaining control of North America.


To present tours, exhibits and educational programs, that broaden public understanding and appreciation of Bushy Run Battlefield, Pontiac’s War, and the French and Indian War period. Major themes to be presented include:

  • The strategy, tactics, action and participants in the battle, including the leadership and soldiers from the British, Colonial, and Native American forces.
  • The significance of the battle to Fort Pitt, Pontiac’s War and the French and Indian War period in western Pennsylvania, interpreted collaboratively with Fort Pitt Museum and other period sites in the region.
  • Pontiac’s War (1763-64), its causes, and its ties with the French and Indian War.
  • Preservation and commemoration of the battle at this site.

To work with the Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society and other groups whose valued guidance and support enhance the mission and goals of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.