Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Access


The Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society is dedicated to the education and preservation of Pennsylvania’s only Native American battlefield, Pontiac’s War, and the French and Indian War period. In commemorating this history, we recognize the actions of colonists, the military, and Native Americans during this time led to complicated relationships, suffering, and injustice perpetrated against one another. We as a Heritage Society exist to provide educational programs that broaden public understanding during this critical time in the development of our nation. To that end, we will work hard to recognize and acknowledge these events of our country’s history in a way that equally portrays all sides of the conflict and how they still affect our country’s culture today.

The Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society commits to continue to provide an intellectually supportive environment for all visitors. We will strive to offer educational and recreational experiences that lead to greater awareness of and respect for those who sacrificed their lives to maintain their way of life, while providing a greater understanding of our country’s history. By reflecting on the past, collecting new information and data, and openly acknowledging the role our site has played in history, we hope to serve our community in a critically important way. We, as the Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society, are dedicated to ensuring a welcoming and respectful environment for all visitors and, to that end, have developed, and will continue to refine, our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access (DEIA) Policy and Implementation Strategies.

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Bushy Run Battlefield is committed to providing exhibits, programs, and public spaces that are inclusive and accessible to all visitors.

Services and Accommodations:

  • Accessible parking is available to the right of our main parking lot with a paved pathway leading directly to the Visitor Center; Visitors may be dropped off directly at the building outside of the “staff only” entrance if needed.
  • The Museum and Visitor Center is wheelchair accessible; a complimentary wheelchair is available to visitors on a first come, first served basis located in the Visitor Center.
  • Guided golf cart tours of the battlefield are available daily.
  • The Visitor Center’s movie theater includes closed-captioning options.
  • All bathroom locations include accessible stalls; a single-use family bathroom is located inside the Visitor Center.
  • Maps of the grounds and other informational brochures are available at the Visitor Center admissions desk.
  • Personal care attendants that accompany a paying visitor will be granted free admission to the museum.
  • Bushy Run Battlefield is a participant in the Museums For All program, which lowers admission costs to $2 per person for any visitor who has an ACCESS or EBT card and a valid state ID.

Guests with vision impairments, hearing impairments, and/or special needs are strongly encouraged to contact the Museum in advance of their visit to make arrangements to accommodate their needs.




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