• Favorite 'catapult' American folk toy that has been a favorite for centuries and was certainly very popular in the mountainous regions of the United States. Packaged with target for safe play.
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      Colonial mothers made dolls for their daughters from a variety of items that were available around the homestead. A wooden spoon featured a ready-made head for a doll, which could be adorned with paint for the face and hair, or with yarn for hair, or with fabric for a bonnet. The body was formed around the handle of the spoon and was probably made in numerous designs because each mother worked with items that were available to her. If the mother had a little extra time and the supplies, she might make arms, and legs and use lace.  
  •   Traditional 'Tic-Tac-Toe, Three In a Row' game.  Played by young and old alike for generations. Includes wooden game board, 2 sets of contrasting marbles , history and game rules.  
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    Children have been "rolling," "bowling," and "trundling" their hoops from the time of the ancient Egyptians through the hula hoop craze of the late 1950's. Artwork on ancient Greek vases illustrates hoops used in play as well as exercise. The early North American colonists brought this pastime with them from Europe, the hoops being made from whatever material was at hand. By Victorian times both wood and metal hoops were favorite playthings. The hoop can be trundled along, raced, used for skipping or twirling around the waist.
  • The Bead Weaving Loom Kit is a wood and metal bead loom set for creating patterned bracelets, necklaces and more. This easy to use jewelry maker lets you design colorful, personalized gifts for friends and family. Weave different color beads together to create interesting patterns and designs.
  •  Complete set of  28 double-six wooden dominoes with traditional playing rules, all contained in a wooden box with a sliding lid.  Dominoes have always been an historical favorite game.
  • YO-YO

     Colonial and Victorian children alike enjoyed this popular American pastime.  Available in natural finish. Includes basic instructions and directions for several yo-yo tricks.
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