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History of Bushy Run Battlefield

Learn about the rich history of the Battle of Bushy Run

History of the Battle of Bushy Run

The 213 acres of forested and grassy areas that comprise Bushy Run Battlefield, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, can be viewed as one large historical entity. The events that transpired here in August 1763, during Pontiac’s War, forever set Bushy Run apart as a place of historical significance. The battle near Bushy Run and the events of Pontiac’s War leading to the battle add to the understanding of the Indian-European culture clash, which is an important theme in American history.  Learn More

Pontiac’s Rebellion

Native Americans fought the war known as Pontiac’s Rebellion for their own survival and independence. They fought against British settlement practices; trade, gift, and captive repatriation policies; and growing British influence in North America.  Learn More

Henry Bouquet

Henry Bouquet was born in Rolle, Switzerland in 1719. A member of a prominent family, Bouquet began his military career at age 17 as a cadet in a Swiss regiment in the army of the Dutch Republic. Promoted to lieutenant during the War of Austrian Succession, the young Swiss soldier caught the eye of William IV, Prince of Orange and head of the Dutch Republic. The prince appointed Bouquet as lieutenant colonel of the Swiss Guards at The Hague.  Learn More