History Makes Series


January-March 2022 (Select Dates)

Join us for four instructional, hands-on programs covering historical materials common to every day life in colonial America. Participants will learn to make a variety of historical objects and clothing items while gaining in-depth knowledge of their functions from trade professionals. Dates, times, and costs are specific to each program (see below). All materials and catered lunch will be provided for each program.

To pre-register for each course, please click on the links associated with each program. Please contact facilitator@bushyrunbattlefield.com for additional information.

Members of the Westmoreland Historical Society and/or the Bushy Run Battlefield Heritage Society will receive a 10% discount on course registration. Instead of registering online, please contact facilitator@bushyrunbattlefield.com to register in order to receive this discount.

Stay tuned for the full list of 2022 History Makes programs!

The History Makes Series is co-sponsored by the Westmoreland Historical Society and historical seamstress Jessica Young, owner of Penny River Historic & Custom Costumes. Jessica’s work can be viewed and purchased at pennyriver.etsy.com.