•   Robert Griffing          Matted and framed print          14.5x17.5   antiqued walnut  frame $75.00    
  • War Dance

    Robert Griffing 11x14 Matted Print Or 12x14.5 Matted and Framed Print w/ Dark Oak Frame
  • This collaborative effort from the Fort Ligonier Association, Bushy Run Battlefield, Fort Necessity National Battlefield and the Fort Pitt Museum traces the war for empire in western Pennsylvania from 1754-1763.  
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    Robert Griffing          20x16 signed print $50.00  
  • Water Girl 2004

    Robert Griffing 11x16 Print or Matted and Framed Print w/ Burnished Copper Finish  
  • Why did the eagle become our national symbol (even though Ben Franklin preferred the turkey)? How did Gilbert Stuart's image of George Washington end up on the dollar bill? Did Betsy Ross really have anything to do with the Stars and Stripes? Here are the stories behind America's most enduring images.  
  • The Bead Weaving Loom Kit is a wood and metal bead loom set for creating patterned bracelets, necklaces and more. This easy to use jewelry maker lets you design colorful, personalized gifts for friends and family. Weave different color beads together to create interesting patterns and designs.
  •  Complete set of  28 double-six wooden dominoes with traditional playing rules, all contained in a wooden box with a sliding lid.  Dominoes have always been an historical favorite game.
  • YO-YO

     Colonial and Victorian children alike enjoyed this popular American pastime.  Available in natural finish. Includes basic instructions and directions for several yo-yo tricks.
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