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Pennsylvania's Forbes Trail

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Gateways and Getaways along the Legendary Route from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh is the subtitle. 250 years of American history come to life here. The year: 1758. A global conflict known as the French and Indian War rages, with the British battling the French and their Indian allies for control of North America. This spellbinding chapter in American history unfolds in a lively historic narrative, punctuated with rich, original illustrations. Join a headstrong young George Washington and British General John Forbes as they carve a trail through the Pennsylvania wilderness, capture Fort Duquesne and help set the stage for the birth of a nation.

Let history be your guide as you experience the Forbes Trail today. Start at one of seven gateways as you traverse 250 years of American history - and explore the authentic historic sites, natural wonders, restored houses and gardens, and extensive recreational opportunities that define the Forbes Trail.

Burton K. Kummerow, Christine H. O'Toole, R. Scott Stephenson with preface by Fred Anderson
Soft cover